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Mr. Zinn is a consultant, author, inventor and resource speaker for the induction heating industry. He has founded several induction heating companies and has numerous published papers, patents and patents pending. He has access to research and manufacturing materials as well as personal contacts to aid in writing specifications and selecting vendors active in all phases of the field.

His 35+ years of experience cover all aspects of the industry and include:

  • SYSTEM CONSULTING for induction heating equipment and processes including heat treating, forging, forming, soldering, and brazing

  • SEMINARS AND TRAINING covering induction theory, application and equipment; presented in the USA, Europe and Asia

  • TECHNICAL PUBLICATIONS covering induction principles and processes;
    co-author of "Elements of Induction Heating" handbook

  • FORENSIC ANALYSIS including reconstruction, forensic determination, deposition review and expert witness testimony.

Stanley Zinn

Induction Heating Tip #1

When is a Kilowatt NOT a Kilowatt?

Power ratings for induction heating are often expressed in "Kilowatts per minute. In other words, the power supply can deliver that amount of power to the load in one minute's time. However, the operative word is "deliver". Most industrial heating power supply ratings are based on the combination of voltage and current available at the power supply terminals.
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