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Stanley Zinn

Stanley Zinn • Induction Consultants • Tel: 585-737-8824
15307 Strathearn Drive, Unit 11202, Delray Beach FL 33446 •
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Stanley Zinn
Areas of Expertise Induction heating equipment and processes at all frequencies. Includes heat treating, through heating, forging, forming, soldering, brazing and special applications.
Experience Consultation based upon 50 years in the induction heating industry.
President of Induction Consultants Inc.
Co-founder and Board Member, Ameritherm/Ambrell, first manufacturers of solid state radio frequency induction heating equipment in the United States
President of Ferrotherm Inc., sales agency for process heating equipment.
President and founder of Cycle-Dyne Inc., manufacturers of tube type radio frequency induction heating equipment, sold to General Signal Corp.
Asst. Chief Sales Engineer, Induction Heating Corp., manufacturers of the full frequency range of induction heating equipment.
Education State University of New York, A.A.S. 1951
Professional Services Process Development, Equipment Specifications, Evaluation of Equipment Proposals, On-Site Training, ISO-9001 documentation and training on induction heating, Expert Witness
Qualifications Lead Author, "Elements of Induction Heating", published by the American Society for Materials under contract to Battelle Laboratories, funded by the Electric Power Research Institute.
Author, "Power Supplies and Auxiliary Equipment", "Coil Design" and "Special Applications" for the Materials Engineering Institute, sponsored by the EPRI center for Materials Fabrication
Lecturer for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers "Tool and Manufacturing Engineers Handbook" on 'Selective Surface Hardening'.
Past member, "Advisory Commission on Electrical Technology" of the New York City Community College of Applied Arts & Sciences.
Past Member Editorial Board, "Advanced Materials and Processes" Magazine.
Author for "Heat Treating Magazine":"When induction brazing saves energy, labor and alloys" (04/81); "Control of induction heating with Infrared pyrometry" (09/81); "Multi-frequency, differential-quench induction hardening of hammers" (07/83)
Papers & Presentations September 12, 1995 - Seminar via satellite, "Induction Heat Treating Technology and Equipment" ASM Heat Treating Society
April 12, 13, 1995 - Induction Heating Technology seminar, Society of Manufacturing Engineers
November 1993 - Industrial research paper "Induction Pin Sealing for TV Glass"
Heat Treating Association of New York, 1991: "Development of hand held induction systems for heat treating"
ASM International Metallurgy Conference, November 1991, Tel Aviv, Israel, "Advances in Induction Heating"
Association Memberships American Society for Materials: Past Chairman, Rochester Chapter; Member, subcommittee on Induction Heating
ASM Heat Treating Society: Founding Member
Society of Manufacturing Engineers: Senior Member, Forming Technology Association
Patents U.S. Patent 3,316,499 "Water Cooled Power Oscillator" issued April 25, 1967
Consulting Services Consulting Services Atlas Crankshaft Co.
Carbon and Carbon Graphite Co.
Carborundum Inc., Specialty Products Div.
Corning Inc. Optical Waveguide Div.
Eastman Kodak Co.
Ellison, Nielsen, Knibbs, Zehe & Antas, P.C.
Farberware Inc.
General Electric Co.
Revere Copper and Brass Inc.
Waukesha Motors
Welch Allyn Corporation
Continuing Training ASM, Corning,