Induction Heating Consultant

Induction Heating

Forensic Analysis

Stanley Zinn has been called upon a number of times to prepare reports and consult on product liability and product quality cases involving induction heating. These have included forensic fire determinations and qualifying product results. He has worked for both plaintiffs and defendants. He reviewed documents, read depositions and prepared questions for these cases.

Forensic Investigation and Evaluation
An in-field site review and personal examination of problem areas are conducted. Studies are made of the available data including research on past/present theory and applications of the process and system. A technical report is issued.

Expert Witness -- Legal Case Support
Generally performed in combination with Forensic Investigation and Evaluation. All correspondence and data are reviewed. Suggestions with regard to further depositions are made. Mr. Zinn is available to be deposed and will testify at trial if requested.

Stanley Zinn

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