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Induction Heating Seminars

Induction Consultants' seminars are designed to acquaint plant personnel in the use and theory of induction heating systems. The course is presented in a format bringing floor operators and maintenance personnel to a basic level of understanding with engineers and scientists who also attend.

Seminars and courses are designed to meet the specific needs of the client. These generally include segments on theory, coil design, equipment selection and practical discussion data on the client's application.

Past seminar sponsors include ASM Heat Treating Society and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers.

The course is comprised of standard modules containing the necessary information for developing an understanding of induction heating. In addition, special modules can be chosen to direct the information to the sponsoring company.

Class work is only effective when it is directly tied to the customer's actual operations. Therefore, a minimum of two (2) hours is spent on the factory floor, going over existing equipment with the personnel in attendance. This period overs analysis of the actual equipment operations and is related directly to class work. Questions and answers specific to the induction operations are covered.

Standard Modules
  1. Theory of Induction - including Depth of Penetration, Frequency Selection, Hysteresis, and Power Losses
  2. Equipment Selection - Frequency, Power Supplies, Heat Stations, Water Systems
  3. Coil Design - Theory, Application, Construction
  4. Maintenance - Water systems, Coil requirements, Power Supplies
  5. Applications - An overall view of the scope of induction heating applications in industries from Medical to Forging
Selectable Modules*
  1. Heat Treating
  2. Quenching
  3. Forging
  4. Brazing
  5. Fixtures and Handling Equipment

*Module coverage is determined in concert with the customer.

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